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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mansanas (Inspired by a true story) Author's notes

The entry "MANSANAS" in six part series is inspired by a true story shared by a very close friend of mine (whose real name i cannot reveal for her protection). Some of the things I mentioned in the entries were just a mere representations of the actual facts of the true story. But the whole story itself is rather true than fiction. This story is dedicated to the people who suffered the same gruesome fate as "Apple," some of whom never survived. This is a call for the people who are humane enough to know and understand that these things are evil and should be stopped.

Real names of the characters are withheld to protect the innocent and the guilty. May they recieve the same treatment in hell.

"Apple" is currently an undergrad student and also works for a well known company. She now lives in a nice home just a few blocks from her parents. Her son is now on preschool. She is happily married and is living he life to the fullest. But she can never erase the horrible facts that happened in her life. May this be the beggining for a better life for her.

For "Apple", remember that i will always stay with you no matter what. Thank you for entrusting me with your story and for allowing me to do this. I'll be waiting for your text messages. Hope your doing good. I love you. Good luck in everything.

Comments, suggestions and violent reactions in the publication of this story can be addressed to me at the comment page of my blogger account ( Thank you for visiting and have a nice day.

NOTE: For those who are reading the "Mansanas" series from Multiply and want to comment on any of its six parts,I advise that you comment on my blogger account. that's for the reason that I cannot access my Multiply account from our office's server. Thanks.


Wilberchie said...

I loved it! Sobra! I'm going to link the series in my blog thru a blog post!

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