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sa pagbabago ng panahon, sa pagkurba ng tadhana sa napagpintasang gunita, sa paglalayon sa habang buhay na pagtunton... sa dambana, sa harap ng madla, nanaisin kong mangako ng magpakailanman, patungkol, dahil at para sa iyo...

Monday, August 6, 2007

blood _____kei

What’s in a word?

A word is a group of letters formed to create a definite meaning... meaning... hmmm.. a word that has now a new impact on me starting today.

The letters in a word is not that important compared to what it means... yah... how true... so I could doodle letters together but it doesn't necessary creates a meaning. A meaning is what others can understand; what others can comprehend...

I have sinned again... yah... another deliberate offence from mwah... I acquired a word. Yah… everybody has a right to have it but it doesn’t mean everybody deserves the meaning. I don’t deserve the meaning. I never did. Its just this stupid quest for a grail that never belonged to me.. because of my own frustration.

This entry is a complete subtext on its own… words that I formed that conjures a meaning that people need to decipher on their own.. im a thief.. and ill always will be…

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