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Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm searching for a lost friend and I really really hope you could help me... She's actually a lil sister to me and I really really really miss her...

Well, she's cute, has small feet, always an the go, looks too young for her age, looks to old for her body, loves to party, love elephants, understands tagalog but always speaks in english, she's talkative and fun to be with but lately very off and cold as if the whole world did something bad to her... what the hell happened?!

We used to go out frequently together.. That part I always remember...

She's one of the few person I could trust with my deepest darkest secrets, one of the few people who got the chance to meet my family, my dogs, my relatives; Loves ice creams and is still practicing eating ice creams in cones, not a fan of pork, likes yakisoba pancit canton, always running from her driver, and always running late, always lost and have troubles with commuting, wants to quit but never a quiter. She cried once, frustrated by something that involves UA&P.

Oh yah! I remember! She ate her grandpa! gave her parents a fright and me and yan the greatest laugh of our lives. We'll a few people would notice that. My parents was furious that night for laughing so loudly but they end up laughing their hearts out when they heard her story.
She has a thing with bald guys (ooohhh!!! I remember the smileys!); hates walking in front of med (for reason I could not tell anyone). She made me cry once, in the 4th floor of the UST library... I cut classes just so I could hear her story.. The second time she made me cry was when she (with yan) kicked me out of my own bed, in my own room, in my own home. I remember bumping my head when I fell out of my bed.

I remember! She bought us (me and yan and my whole family) 100 plus peso worth of yakisoba which I ate, She gave my mom a cake which I also ate; Gave me and yan the greatest monthsary gift we had (a black forest cake which I ate); She's the one I hang out with in Ateneo with Mark in one of our impulsive trips... A friend took a picture of us their I remember... (the lil missy on the right)

I remember a lot about her. After all she's one of my closest. But I doubt she remembers anything. That is the reason I need your help.

The weird part is its not just me who's looking for her. There's her buddy, her ate yan, my sisters, even choco (my dog she used to cuddle and call "Halika" in slang)! Everyone's been wanting to know something about her.

If you know her, if you know where she is, if you know how to contact her please do let me know or you could let her read this. Let her know someone is looking for her. Let her remember people are dying to hear from her. I really really hope you could help..

Thank you so much....

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