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sa pagbabago ng panahon, sa pagkurba ng tadhana sa napagpintasang gunita, sa paglalayon sa habang buhay na pagtunton... sa dambana, sa harap ng madla, nanaisin kong mangako ng magpakailanman, patungkol, dahil at para sa iyo...

Monday, April 12, 2010

timeless to me!

So this is how things change...

Last 2008

This 2010

It really makes me sing.....

styles keepa changin the worlds rearrangin but isha, your timeless to me hemlines are shorter a beer costs a quarter but time cannot take what comes free your like a stinky old cheese babe just gettin riper with age your like a fatal disease babe but theres no cure so let this fever rage some folks cant stand it say time is like a bandit but i take the opposite view cause when i need a lift time brings a gift another day with you a twist or a waltz its all the same schmaltz with just a change in the scenery you'll never be old hat thats that! you're timeless to me
(timeless to me from Hairspray)

1 comment:

Isha said...

eeewww...i can't really understand how you've come to love a person like much for timeless.. I looked even more stressed..